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How to apply for a place in Red Boots Children’s Services

In Red Boots Children’s Services we want to make the application process for parents as straightforward as possible.

Lyn Debono, our administrator, is always willing to help with any questions you may have at any stage of the process.

If you are interested in making an application on behalf of your child please follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Complete the form attached to this page providing us with your contact details, your child’s age and condition and Lyn will contact you to discuss the application process in more detail. Your personal details will remain confidential.

2. If after discussion you wish to make an application, Lyn will send you an application form and a form to be completed by your child’s GP/Paediatrician. If you have any problems with getting this completed e.g. if your doctor asks for a payment, we have a medical disclaimer form which you can complete with your child’s medical details.

3. Please complete the form and return to us along with the form completed by your child’s doctor. The form will be passed to the Leading Conductor responsible for the service appropriate to your child’s age and needs and your family will be invited to attend for an initial consultation. On the rare occasion that we are unable to meet your child’s needs through Conductive Education, we may be able to suggest alternative types of provision.

4. The initial consultation will last about one hour. During that time we will observe your child, work with him/her and discuss with you what you consider are your child’s main needs and what your hopes and aspirations are for your child.

5. The conductor will write a report which will be sent to you and will contain details of our observation as well as suggestions for service provision. You will be asked to return a reply slip saying whether or not you would like to take up the offered placement. For children attending Early Intervention or School services, an individual fee breakdown will be prepared to inform you of the fees chargeable for your child’s placement. For sessional services you will be notified of the fee for the service to be provided.

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